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Adult Learners Week 2013 – Nomination deadline is only 4 weeks away!!

13 Nov 2012 - 20:26 by walt.crowson

 Are you planning to nominate an individual or a learning project for an Adult Learners Week Award in 2013?

The deadline for nominations is Thursday 13th December 2012 – so don’t hesitate – or you will be too late!!!

Nominations don’t have to come from a provider of learner or even a tutor – anyone can nominate someone for an Award as long as the person you are nominating is over 18, lives in England and has undertaken at least some of their learning between December 2011 and December 2012.

Perhaps you have a friend or work colleague who has undertaken some learning which has made a real difference to them, their family and friends or their community. Perhaps you know someone who has made a real difference to their community through their learning. Perhaps you know of a learning or community project that has made a real different to your neighbourhood – well – go on – nominate them for an award!

All nominations are put through for both national and regional awards, and in Manchester we hold a local award ceremony for everyone who is nominated – so they get recognition for their achievement even if they don’t get a major award!!

Nominating someone couldn’t be easier – just go to - http://www.alw.org.uk/learning-awards

To find out more about Adult Learners Week visit - http://www.alw.org.uk/

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