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23 Jan 2017 - 12:56 by barkery.jammeh

Hello all,

Here's to a great week!

Just quickly, last week we shared with you some information on how you can get involved with Volunteering in and around Manchester.

To follow that up, this week we’d like to share with you our 10 top tips (In no particular order) to help make your volunteering journey an enjoyable experience.




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16 Jan 2017 - 09:08 by barkery.jammeh

In January a lot of people take the time to reflect and think about what the year ahead may look like for them, both professionally and/or personally and a lot of the time volunteering can find its way on to the list of ‘things to do’ this year.

Unfortunately though, it doesn’t always get crossed off the list and that isn’t because people can’t be bothered or have gone off the idea, a lot of the time it’s they don’t know how to get started.



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12 Jan 2017 - 16:07 by michelle.foster

Our latest data sets on our work with voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations and volunteers is now available on our website here: www.manchestercommunitycentral.org/policy-and-influence/open-data

We recently awarded grants to applicants to our Mental Health Grants Programme and will be realising the data on our Open data page soon.

The Mental Health Grants Programme is provided by NHS North, Central and South Manchester CCGs and administered by Macc.

In all 77 eligible...

9 Jan 2017 - 16:41 by Nigel Rose

This briefing is a humorous (we hope) summary of some of the key trends that Macc’s Policy and Influence team have spotted during the last year that we think will impact on Manchester’s Voluntary Sector over the next year. It is not comprehensive by any means and we apologise for all the really important and vital stuff that we’ve missed out.

Voluntary sector is OK!
Our time has come. We are officially recognised by all kinds of people everywhere, in lots of strategic documents, as being really important. We are...

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9 Jan 2017 - 09:59 by barkery.jammeh

Happy New Year from Volunteer Centre Manchester!

It’s January 2017 and lots of people will be looking to make positive changes in their life, one of which may be volunteering in some form or another. So what better time to have a look at what your volunteering program will look like over the next year? As an organisation that provides volunteering opportunities, with just a few added adjustments it is possible that you can make your volunteering program better than ever!


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3 Jan 2017 - 11:00 by Mike Wild

In so many ways 2016 wasn’t a great year was it? There seemed to be tragic stories flying at us every day which were about the worst sides of humanity. It was often hard to remember the positives. I doubt that is going to change very much in 2017. It’s very tempting to write a lot of words about the new political realities but other people are far better qualified to do that than I am. Being someone who has a healthy respect for people with knowledge - call them experts if you like - I’ll leave that to them.

Once again, I start the year thinking life in our sector isn’t going to get...

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14 Dec 2016 - 13:16 by Mike Wild

Manchester Evening News: Tributes paid to community campaigner Dr Sylvia Sham

I can’t help thinking that writing this is the last thing Dr. Sylvia Sham would want me to be doing. I’m sure she’d be saying that I should be getting on with more important stuff. But I need to take time to adjust my brain a bit because I’ve got to get used to asking myself “What would Sylvia have said?”. Past tense. And it’s just guesswork because I can’t ask her any more.


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12 Dec 2016 - 14:40 by barkery.jammeh

Hello all,

We’re only a couple of weeks away from Christmas, and 2016 is ready to make way for 2017.

Just a couple of weeks ago, it was International Volunteer’s Day (IVD). The event takes place every year on December 5th and is viewed as an opportunity for volunteers and organisations to share their values, and to promote their work among their communities.

Seeing International Volunteer’s Day made me pause for a second and think about all the great work that...

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23 Nov 2016 - 09:39 by barkery.jammeh

Volunteering is a hobby or pastime enjoyed by millions of people all over the world and here at Volunteer Centre Manchester (VCM) we hold volunteer inductions every week with budding volunteers. The inductions are a good opportunity for VCM and volunteers to connect, discuss the mix of volunteering opportunities available, chat about what volunteers can expect from organisations and the Volunteer Centre, and to answer any questions volunteers have on the subject.

VCM like to highlight the fact that volunteering is a two-way relationship with both parties benefitting from the...

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2 Nov 2016 - 10:23 by barkery.jammeh

What are trustees?

Trustees are the people in charge of a charity and they help to make the UK the sixth most giving country in the world. (Source www.trusteesweek.org)

Trustees' Week takes place from 7th-13th November this year, so now is the time to advertise your trustee roles with Volunteer Centre Manchester. Over Trustees week there will be lots of interest and discussion raised on the topic of trustees, so what better time to get your roles in and strike...

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