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Spot the signs - working with child sexual exploitation

21 Jan 2013 - 16:44 by nicola.shanahan

New advice for parents, professionals and young people on the signs of sexual exploitation and how to keep safe

It is important that voluntary sector organisations that work with children and young people understand sexual exploitation, can understand and spot the signs of sexual exploitation and know what to do if a child or young person discloses.

Barnardo’s has published a set of advice leaflets, available to download below for parents, professionals and young people across the UK.
Sexual exploitation affects thousands of children and young people every year. We can all play an important role in reducing that number, helping to cut children free from this abuse.
Get to know the tell tale signs, and a number of practical steps you can take to protect children in your life.
Download the leaflets


Manchester Safeguarding Children Board also offer a level 2 training session on child sexual exploitation which I would advise someone in your organisation, possibly the safeguarding lead, to access the training and share the information across your organisation.