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Championing Self Care Approaches in Manchester

1 Dec 2016 - 15:19 by Nigel Rose

The Manchester Self-Care Steering Group (which includes Macc, Inspiring Change Manchester and Stroke Association) is organising an event on Jan 25th to bring together practitioners, service managers, policy makers, strategic coordinators, academics, and campaigners who want to champion an enabling self-care approach in Manchester.

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Local Care Organisation Prospectus Consultation

9 Nov 2016 - 10:16 by helen.walker

The three Manchester Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) have written an open letter to the voluntary and commuity sector in the city to invite comments on their plans for the new Local Care Organisation (LCO). 

In their letter, the chairs of the North, Central and South Manchester CCGs explain how the LCO fits into the plans for devolved health and social care in Greater Manchester and confirm that it will be the organisation that holds and delivers a single contract for out-of-hospital care in the future. 

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Manchester Neighbourhood Profiles Published

31 Oct 2016 - 15:13 by helen.walker

Neighbourhood profiles for the 12 One Team Localities across Manchester have been developed and published by Manchester City Council. 

The main purpose of the profiles is to to support the development of out of hospital and urgent care services at a local level and to help the 12 integrated neighbourhood teams in Manchester (and other people delivering services at a local level) to determine their priorities, agree the outcomes they want to achieve and think through the ‘how, what and where’ of service delivery.

To date, two sets of profiles have been produced:

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People's Plan for Greater Manchester launched

25 Oct 2016 - 09:21 by helen.walker

Devolution could be a unique opportunity for citizens and civil society to have a greater say about the future of Greater Manchester. The People’s Plan seeks to gather a wide and deep range of ideas and thoughts on what the future for all areas of Greater Manchester should be, exploring key issues such as the economy and jobs, health and social care, transport, housing, the environment, and how to build a citizen-led democracy. 

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New report - The social care system is struggling to meet the needs of older people

24 Oct 2016 - 12:16 by helen.walker

A recent report by the King's Fund and Nuffield Trust highlights the pressures that the current social care system is under. Six consecutive years of cuts to local authority budgets have seen 26% fewer people get help. Of particular concern is the finding that no one has a full picture of what has happened to older people who are no longer entitled to publicly funded care.

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Spirit Story - all the stories in one place

20 Oct 2016 - 09:40 by helen.walker

Spirit Story was a week-long campaign held in September 2016 to document the extraordinary everyday stories of our sector. VCSE organisations were asked to choose one day during the week of 19-23 September and tell us about an activity that took place which included food distribution, advice sessions, support groups and a sporting memories session.

We gathered 32 stories which are now in a dedicated place on the Macc website - https://www.manchestercommunitycentral.org/spirit-story-0

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A healthier Manchester - Health & Social Care Stakeholder Bulletin Two

10 Oct 2016 - 09:51 by helen.walker

The second edition of the Manchester Health & Social Care Stakeholder Bulletin is out now. It contains an update on plans for the new single commissioning and hospital systems, and the latest information on the Local Care Organisation. 

The bulletin also sets out the overall plans for integrating health and social care in Manchester, which are summarised by this diagram:

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