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Citizens Advice Manchester Energy Advice Service - Helping people to do their bit for the planet by being energy savvy

27 Sep 2019 - 15:16 by tony.russ

Citizens Advice Manchester have been delivering energy advice for 8 years, and their team of 7 advisers are National Energy Action (NEA) qualified. They are dedicated to helping combat fuel poverty through providing one-to-one advice and support to people experiencing difficulties with their energy costs or who are at risk of fuel poverty. This includes:

• Dealing with fuel debt, including negotiation of affordable payment arrangements and grant applications to Charitable Trusts for arrears and essential household items.
• Accessing grants for insulation and other energy efficiency measures
• Finding the cheapest supplier and tariff
• Budgeting for ongoing energy consumption
• Understanding your bill & setting heating controllers.

We attended Citizens Advice Manchester's 80th anniversary event, and caught up with Jo and Jenny, two members of the Energy Advice Service.‘People are saving money by using less energy",they explain, "but they’re also doing their bit for the planet and the future of it. They can make tiny changes. Like turning your thermostat down 1 degree you can save £80 a year and reduce carbon emissions. A number of suppliers offer really great eco-friendly tariffs that are based on renewable energy sources. We can advise on how to choose the best option for people who would like a green tariff and more often than not there is not too much difference in price.'

In addition to working on a one-to-one basis, they also work with partners at greater Manchester combined authority and Manchester City council to become less reliant on gas.

‘Im very proud to be here on our 80th Birthday and feel there has been a massive difference in the energy market throughout that time. I’d love to see the developments to more renewable energy sources and it would be great to check in on the 90th Birthday to see just how far we’ve come.’

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