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Manchester City Council update to all stakeholders in the Third Sector regarding Revenue funding for 2011/12

6 Jun 2011 - 10:35 by michelle.foster

Manchester City Council are writing to all stakeholders within the third sector to update on where the City Council consultation plans are up to and how and when decisions will be reached around their proposed budget reductions.

The revenue budget settlement to Manchester City Council means that the Council has to make savings of approximately 25% over the next two years and that means that the Council needs to do much more to achieve efficiencies.

You will have heard separately from any directorate that has funded your organisation in 2010/11. They would have outlined to you the criteria they will use when considering which services to decommission and also how stakeholders can respond to the consultation. However, as an Authority Manchester City Council want to ensure that they understand the collective impact of these consultations on third sector funding and also provide you with a comprehensive picture of how the City Council as a whole is reaching decisions which is clear and transparent.

To read about the current, on-going consultations, visit: www.manchester.gov.uk/info/200024/consultations.

To read the full letter from Manchester City Council, see below.

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