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NCVO Report – Counting the Cuts

12 Aug 2011 - 14:13 by michelle.foster

NCVO have published the 'Counting the Cuts' report detailing the impact of spending cuts. It contains lots of information and statistics and lists the recommendations to Government.

The new research report, Counting the cuts, shows that according to the Government's own figures charities are facing nearly £3 billion in cuts over the spending review period (2011-2015).

In a detailed analysis of the Government's projected spending plans, released from the Office of Budget Responsibility, the report shows:
• The UK voluntary and community sector will lose around £911 million a year in public funding by 2015-16
• This means that, cumulatively, the sector stands to lose £2.8 billion from Government over the current spending review period

These figures are reached by assuming that the Government will cut the voluntary and community sector on a proportionate basis, but in reality it's possible that the cuts could be much higher. Responses to Freedom of Information requests show that half of all Local Authorities are making disproportionate cuts to the voluntary sector.

NCVO have also asked charities to provide examples of cuts they have faced through their crowdsourcing website, http://voluntarysectorcuts.org.uk/, in collaboration with a number of other infrastructure organisations. Over the last six months, nearly 500 charities have reported cuts worth over £76 million.

For further information and to view a copy of the report, visit: www.ncvo-vol.org.uk/sites/default/files/counting_the_cuts.pdf.

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