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Support for Third Sector Survey Monkey – Full Responses Released

23 Aug 2011 - 15:57 by michelle.foster

Following the summary update provided in June the full feedback from the Survey carried out on support for the third sector at the end of last year (October to November 2010) has been released. 98 individuals responded which represented 74 organisations.

The feedback letter from Stephen Higgins, Senior Officer at the Business Improvement and Partnerships Team at Manchester City Council, reads:

“As you will see when you read the feedback the responses provided have been very comprehensive and in some cases quite candid about the general confusion and duplication around infrastructure support services being provided. This has been very helpful in providing background information and momentum to work now being carried out to develop a more unified service that will include not only capacity building support but also a volunteering centre, support for commissioning and a community engagement hub.”

“A proposal for this is currently in preparation and there will be information sharing stages and consultation as part of the development process. We expect to be able to provide the next update around October.”

To read the full letter from Steve Higgins, a summary of the key issues and the full responses from the survey monkey, please see below.

Information will be disseminated through the Manchester Community Central bulletin to keep you informed on infrastructure support developments in Manchester.

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