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A Healthier Manchester

The Manchester City Council and NHS Locality Plan, A Healthier Manchester, was finalised in April 2016 and sets out the commissioning plan for integrating health and social care services in Manchester. It contains three key pillars which are mutually dependent:

  • A single commissioning function - "ensuring the efficient commissioning of health and care services on a city wide basis with a single line of accountability for the delivery of services. This approach will integrate spending across health and social care on high cost/high risk cohort, reducing duplication of service delivery and fragmentation of care". This is now called Manchester Health and Care Commissioning.
  • Local Care Organisation - a single organisation or partnership "delivering integrated and accessible out of hospital services through community based health, primary and social care services within neighbourhoods. Through the combining of resources residents will get integrated services, resulting in improved outcomes (holistic needs addressed) at reduced cost"
  • Single Manchester Hospital Service - "delivering cost efficiencies and strengthened clinical services, with consistent and complementary arrangements for the delivery of acute services achieving a fully aligned hospital model for the City."

A diagram of this plan can be found below along with the full Locality Plan:

More information can be found on the new Healthier Manchester website - https://healthiermanchester.org/

Regular bulletins are produced to give updates on the Locality Plan and they are now sent directly by email. To subscribe, you can email communicationsmanchester@nhs.net or call 0161 765 4004. 

Manchester Health Who's Who
For everyone who would like help with navigating the Manchester health and care system, there is a who's who attached below (updated July 2019). Thanks to MHCC for sharing this with us.