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The Centre for Ageing Better - On their website you can find the latest research and policy about ageing

Transport for Greater Manchester report – A sustainable urban mobility plan for the future
This document provides the evidence base supporting the Greater Manchester Transport Strategy 2040. The evidence base begins by setting out recent trends in Travel in Greater Manchester (page 4). This focuses on providing a picture of the current transport situation, with reference to recent developments in Greater Manchester. Click here to read the report / Click here to view the TfGM Travel Diary Surveys 2014-2016

Ambition for Ageing
Ambition for Ageing (AfA) is a £10.2 million Greater Manchester programme aimed at creating more age friendly places and empowering people to live fulfilling lives as they age.

It is funded by the Big Lottery Fund’s Ageing Better programme, which aims to reduce social isolation of older people. Led by GMCVO, the five year programme is delivered by a cross-sector partnership with Local Delivery Leads heading up the work in 25 neighbourhoods across eight local authorities in Greater Manchester. Macc is involved in this work with our role in the GMOPN.

AfA’s belief is that a series of small changes within our communities will bring large scale success in a practical and sustainable sense that will ultimately help to reduce social isolation. They will do this by providing small investments to help develop more age-friendly neighbourhoods in Greater Manchester. They want communities to be more connected and for there to be more opportunities and activities for older people in the places they live.

For more information, please visit the AfA website at www.ambitionforageing.org.uk.

Asset-based Approaches and Inequalities briefing paper launched
Ambition for Ageing recently released a briefing titled Asset-based Approaches and Inequalities, looking at the risks to inequalities asset-based approaches can have.

The document highlights the need for recognition of the barriers faced by marginalised groups as a key part of asset-based work in order to avoid contributing to existing inequalities.

A number of solutions to the issue are raised within the briefing, in addition to collecting some key findings from the Ambition for Ageing programme so far.

The findings from the initial Equalities Board visits report played a key part in the creation of this briefing.

The briefing can be downloaded here: www.ambitionforageing.org.uk/assetsandinequalities

Age Friendly Manchester
The Age-Friendly Manchester partnership is led by Manchester City Council and involves a range of organisations, groups and individuals across the city. The aim of the partnership is to help make Manchester a great place to grow older and the organisations involved include:

  • Manchester Institute for Collaboration on Research and Ageing (MICRA). Founded in 2010 and based at The University of Manchester, MICRA carry out research on fundamental questions about ageing. MICRA is recognised as a leading international centre for research on ageing and they support a community of over 100 active academics.
  • Manchester School of Architecture. They are based at Manchester Metropolitan University and they investigate the development of age-friendly cities through their Manchester Age-Friendly Neighbourhoods project ('Ambition for Ageing' Big Lottery funded).

In October 2017, Age-Friendly Manchester published an updated version of the ageing strategy entitled 'Manchester: a great place to grow older'. It was originally launched in 2009 and sets out the vision and priorities for Manchester to become an age-friendly city: a place in which people in mid- and later life are economically, physically and socially active, and where they are healthier, safe, informed, influential, independent and respected. This updated version takes account of recent political, social and economic changes, and follows a six month review. 

Age-Friendly Manchester is also connected to the Ambition for Ageing project. Their 2016/17 work plan is available from the Manchester City Council website.

Greater Manchester Older People’s Network - Me and My Home: Our Housing Manifesto
Our Housing Manifesto has come out of our own experience and a workshop with Ambition for Ageing’s Greater Manchester Older People’s Network, MACC and Care and Repair England who support action by older people’s groups to improve housing and related services for an ageing population. Participants were older people from across Greater Manchester who are keen to see their aspirations incorporated into housing and integration strategies across Greater Manchester. Click here to read the Me and My Home: Our Housing Manifesto

Click here to download the Housing infographic
    Housing infographic