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The Early Help Assessment e-learning course (ongoing enrolment)

Date & Time of Training: 
31 December, 2019 (All day)

Manchester City Council, Children and Families Division, are committed to the development of a range of support for partners agencies, who undertake the Early Help Assessment.

Now available as part of our shared training and information resources, is the Early Help Assessment e-learning Course. 

Currently free of charge this training opportunity; 

  • Provides you and members of your team / agency with a comprehensive insight into the Early Help Assessment and wider aspects of the Early Help Journey
  • Gain an opportunity to acquire (post course) acceditation as an Early Help Assessment Practitioner 
  • For a fixed period, gain access to nearly 200 additional e-learning courses

If you would like details as to how upto 3 members of your agency can access this unique learning opportunity please email: a.gilfillan@manchester.gov.uk 

Please note that this is an online course that can be taken at anytime in the year - the date advertised is for listing purposes only 

Manchester City Council, Children and Families Division
Further details / booking: 

See attached poster
Contact: a.gilfillan@manchester.gov.uk  

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