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Working with Trans, Gender Variant and Non-Binary Young People

Date & Time of Training: 
29 November, 2019 - 09:30 to 16:00
YHA Manchester Hostel Potato Wharf Manchester M3 4NB

We are receiving an increasing number of requests from schools, and other organisations, to guide them appropriately to support any trans, gender variant or non-binary children or young people accessing their services. These requests tend to be reactive, in response to a young person "coming out". We believe that a proactive approach is needed, having the systems, support and knowledge in place, acknowledging the inevitability that a trans, gender variant or non-binary child or young person is already attending your school, or accessing your provision.

A one day training course that will:

  • Using experiences of young people, be an in depth exploration of, and focusing only, on gender and gender identity
  • Give delegates an appropriate set of terminology pertaining to trans, gender variant and non-binary identities
  • Explore myths and critique the misrepresentation of trans, gender variant and non-binary people in popular culture and the media
  • Look at the legal, Ofsted and moral obligations of an organisation to meet the needs of a trans, gender variant or non-binary child in their care, or accessing their services
  • Offer appropriate signposting to organisations that can offer support to a trans young person and their family
  • Give delegates the confidence and skills to recognise and appropriately challenge transphobic language and behaviours.

This course is aimed at, and is appropriate for, all professionals working with young people, including (but not limited to), secondary school teachers and staff, college staff, youth workers, healthcare professionals, social workers and uniformed services.

The Proud Trust
£125.00 plus VAT per delegate