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Voluntary Sector Assembly – The wise build bridges and the foolish build dams

This event focussed on the role of the voluntary sector on Bearing Witness for the communities and service users that they work with. Out of this came a clear agenda for the assembly to do more to make public the impact of austerity on the lives of the individuals and communities that we work with.

Evelyn Asante-Mensah Interim Chief Executive of BHA spoke passionately about the role of the BHA in challenging stigma and negative stereotypes about the poorest and most vulnerable and the need for the sector to ensure that the voice of marginalised communities is heard and to challenge negative narratives which penalise the poor. Click here to view the presentation

Niall Cooper from Church Action on Poverty gave an overview of the current levels of poverty in Manchester, the issue of poverty premium and the Greater Manchester Poverty Commission.
Information about the Poverty Premium: www.church-poverty.org.uk/foodfuelfinance
Greater Manchester Poverty Commission: www.povertymanchester.org 

Mike Blaney from Macc spoke about the impact of welfare reform on the lives of the people of Manchester. Click here to read Mike’s thoughts



Assembly Discussion
The assembly had a frank and open discussion about what the role of the Manchester VCS should be about bearing witness, how it should be taken forward. Click here to read the notes from the discussion

Mike Blaney - Welfare Reform and the VCS - click here to read the workshop notes
Church Action on Poverty - How To Campaign - click here to read the workshop notes
Volunteering in Health and Social Care