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Volunteers Week Stories

7 Jun 2019 - 13:08 by barkery.jammeh

What a way to round up our volunteer stories for this years Volunteers week! Check out our last installment of volunteer stories (Including a volunteer video) highlighting the importance of celebrating volunteers and their contribution. Today we are sharing Lesley’s and Amruta’s stories and a video from the National Football Museum. We hope you enjoy :-)

Volunteer Name: 

Volunteer age:

Where are they from?

What's their volunteer role and what do they do in that role?
Overseeing the running of the cafe and team leading small groups of volunteers

How long have they been volunteering for?
4 years

How did they get involved with volunteering?
They popped in to our charity shop and was asked if they wanted to volunteer.

Why did they get involved in volunteering?
They saw an opportunity to give some of their spare time to make a difference to the charity.

What do they enjoy most about volunteering?
I enjoy meeting loads of different people, the chatter, the highs and lows, seeing the growth in different people, how as a volunteer we can be involved to make a difference in other peoples' lives.

What difference has volunteering made to their life?
"I got my confidence back, I am so different to what I was before I came, I am happier, I have changed my values and I enjoy coming here."

How does volunteering make you feel?
"I am happier, I love being here, I enjoy working with different people and meeting new faces."

What would you say to someone thinking about volunteering?
"Definitely come here, you get so much support, a place to laugh and share, you learn new skills and volunteering gave me back a meaningful life outside of my family."

What’s your favourite volunteering memory?
My top time here was when I was invited to Buckingham Palace garden party this year as a volunteer



Volunteer name:

Volunteer age:

Where are you from?

What's your volunteer role and what do you do in that role?
I work with Yes Manchester as a 'Digital Champion volunteer'.
• *Register people with the service via ‘Yes’ website page
• *Support with online computer course and all essential web services which will make their life easy.
*Provide technical support for job search, making cv/cover letter, email recovery, universal credit
*Encouraging client to understand how to access and use online services

How long have you been volunteering for?
4 months

How did you get involved with volunteering?
I was referred my one of the Yes Manchester partners.

Why did you get involved in volunteering?
I was looking for work but meanwhile to build confidence and interpersonal skills I chose to do volunteering. It is also to help people with my digital skills. I have 9 years of experience in IT as front end developer and graphic designer which I thought will be helpful to people who need support.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering?
Exploring different opportunities, meeting people and getting to know the community.

What difference has volunteering made to your life?
It changed my perspective of looking at work. I use to only concentrate on my role and responsibilities. Volunteering gave me a complete different horizon and helped me to look into more opportunities I can work on/for. It helped build my confidence and improve my language skills.

How does volunteering make you feel?
Very positive and confident. I feel my free time is really meaningful now.

What would you say to someone thinking about volunteering?
I suggest people volunteer not only to build their work experience but also to improve their people management skills. Volunteering gives opportunity to explore skills within yourself, how far you can stretch yourself to achieve yours and others goal.

What’s your favourite volunteering memory?
As a Digital champion it always creates good new memories. My favourite moment is when my client practically use learned lessons from their course like sending email, using smart phone and using word document. The smile on their face really made my day.



National Football Museum

Last but not least have a look at this great Volunteer video on the National Footbal Museum. Three volunteers share their stories of what life is like as a volunteer at the museum. It's a great watch! https://communityreporter.net/story/national-football-museum-volunteers-... 


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