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2019 General Election manifestos

In the run-up to the 2019 UK General Election, a number of charities have produced manifestos to detail what changes the new government should commit to. Below are the list we have seen so far:

National Children's Bureau - https://bit.ly/37YAaEM This includes six priority areas for the new government including developing a Children’s and Young People’s Strategy, poverty, improving outcomes in early childhood and education. 

GM Law Centre - They are campaigning for a number of changes including recognising the importance of law centres to be recognised, equality and justice in law, a right to a secure home, and an end to the hostile environment. 

The Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES) manifesto sets out their vision for how the next government should create local economies that serve the UK’s people, places and the planet.

They have set out a 16-point plan across four themes - wealth, people power, public services and the climate emergency. 


"This is a crucial moment to set out what an ambitious government could do to end the waste of lives caused when the fundamental human need for a safe home is unmet. The plan is not complicated, but it needs both long-term thinking and action that starts right now". Shelter's four step plan for any politician is:

1. Increase the supply of social housing for those in greatest need and those trapped renting privately
2. Increase security for private tenants by legislating to abolish ‘no fault’ evictions
3. Increase investment in welfare assistance to help prevent people becoming homeless
4. Ensure that homelessness services are fully funded and fit for the future

You can also sign the petition to demand the new government builds more social housing - https://england.shelter.org.uk/support_us/campaigns/build_more_social_housing 

Research by the Trussell Trust has found that problems with benefit payments are one of the leading causes of food bank use. They are asking people to contact their local candidates to pledge to protect people from hunger and they are asking the next government to:

1. End the five week wait for Universal Credit
2. Ensure benefit payments cover the cost of living
3. Invest in local emergency support for people in crisis 

Carers UK have launched a manifesto including seven priorities for lasting change. These priorities are based on years of evidence, consultation and involvement with unpaid carers, including more than 7,500 carers who completed their State of Caring Survey 2019:



Unlock the power of community to create a fairer society is Locality's manifesto - https://locality.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/General-Election-2019-Locality-Manifesto.pdf. They have also set out six tips for effective campaigning.

Locality is the national membership network for community organisations that bring local people together to meet local needs. 

NCVO's manifesto is A bigger role in building our future – our vision for charities and volunteering. The manifesto calls for greater political and financial investment and greater recognition of charities’ role in shaping our country’s future. They want to see a re-think of how volunteering, the ‘voluntary’ sector and its connection to wider society are seen. In particular, they want the future health of charities and volunteering to be a mainstream concern.


NPC - A new era of openness to drive a more impactful civil society: NPC’s manifesto for the new government
"We must be open about how charities are performing, open about where funding goes, and open with the government-held data that charities could use to have more impact. Our manifesto for a more impactful charity sector sets out how the new government can make this a reality."

The Directory of Social Change have produced a summary 'mashup' of the manifestos from the three main political parties - https://www.dsc.org.uk/content/manifesto-mashup-general-election-2019/. They have also written a blog with five decisions the next government should take to support charities

Business Disability Forum published its ‘Manifesto for Inclusive Change’ on 3 December to mark the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

The manifesto calls for action in seven areas to ensure that the role businesses play in disabled people’s lives is enhanced, not inhibited, by government policy.

There is also guidance from the Charity Commission on what activities are and are not appropriate for charities during election periods.