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One Team - Manchester's Approach to Health and Social Care Integration

1 Jun 2015 - 14:28 by Nigel Rose

The final version of the specification for One Team has been published. One Team is Manchester's approach to bringing health and social care staff together to deliver an integrated service in 12 patches across the city. Section 1 outlines the challenges that Manchester faces in terms of health and wellbeing and the key strategies in place to meet those challenges. Section 2 describes the specification and the design parameters.

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Greater Manchester West - Recovery Academy training

21 May 2015 - 13:43 by cheryl.mcalister

Who can attend?
The Recovery Academy offers courses to:

Anyone who is experiencing mental health or substance misuse problems, their supporters (family, friends and loved ones), GMW staff, volunteers and students on placement, Health Care Professionals

All our courses are free, but you need to register and sign our Student Charter before attending.

For more information visit www.gmw.nhs.uk/recovery

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Local organisations support new dementia friendly Hulme information programme

11 May 2015 - 10:11 by michelle.foster

Dementia Friendly Hulme is working in partnership with experts from local Manchester companies and services to run their first SHARED programme for people living with dementia and their partners/family carers.

This free programme runs for 6 consecutive weeks every Wednesday from 20 May starting at 10am and finishing at 2.30pm at the Amani Centre, Moss Lane East, Moss Side, Manchester M16 7DG (on the Hulme / Moss Side border) and includes lunch.

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New creative group for sufferers of memory loss

24 Apr 2015 - 10:02 by michelle.foster

Do you have memory loss, or support someone else that does?

Storybox - Creative Café is a brand new group based at Manchester’s Central Library, offering free, fun, creative activities designed especially for people with memory loss, and their family and friends.

The group meets every other Tuesday from 11am-12pm. The next dates are:
28 April
12 May and 26 May
9 June and 23 June
7 July and 21 July

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VSNW Social Prescribing Survey

24 Apr 2015 - 09:59 by michelle.foster

Social prescribing has become a key agenda. VSNW think that social prescribing could provide an important way to drive change, for the benefit of local people, that focusses on the strengths of our sector.

In order to help VSNW make the case for the sector’s role, they would like to find out what’s happening, what’s already being commissioned and who would like to be involved in this agenda as it develops. In order to do this, they have set up a short survey.

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GP Films In 5 Languages – Which NHS Service to use when you’re unwell

24 Apr 2015 - 09:59 by michelle.foster

Manchester is one of the most linguistically diverse cities in Europe, and is home to over 150 different languages. Working closely with multilingual GPs, a new approach has been developed by the Manchester Clinical Commissioning Groups to help reach these audiences. Local GPs have supported the production of videos, which are in Arabic, Bengali, English, Punjabi and Urdu. The GPs explain what to do when you’re feeling unwell and which NHS services to use.

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Manchester Advocacy Hub

10 Apr 2015 - 09:34 by michelle.foster

The Gaddum Centre, in partnership with Better Things (formerly Manchester Mencap), has been working hard to put in place arrangements to launch the Manchester Advocacy Hub in April. They are working to a comprehensive Hub Implementation Plan, which is reviewed and updated weekly in consultation with Manchester City Council Commissioner Paul Johnston and would like to report to you on the following progress made to date:

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Working with Manchester Commissioners

7 Apr 2015 - 16:42 by Nigel Rose

Manchester City Council have  published their Market Position Statement for Care and Support 2015/16 and anyone with an interest in the future of care and support in Manchester should read it. Manchester's aim is "to forge a new relationship with its partners to benefit all who need care". The Market Position Statement describes the commissioning approach, the context for commissioning and some of the key issues that Manchester needs to address.

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Finding out more about self-employed workers in the care sector

1 Apr 2015 - 10:19 by michelle.foster

Community Catalysts recently learned that the rise in self-employment accounted for 90 per cent of all jobs growth during the recessionary years of 2008-13. Should these rates continue, the Royal Society of Arts predict that the number of people in self-employment could outgrow the public sector workforce by 2018.

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Housing and tuberculosis survey

20 Mar 2015 - 12:35 by michelle.foster

Public Health England are developing practical resources to help enable patients with tuberculosis (TB) to access appropriate housing so they are more likely to successfully complete treatment, and to enhance the role housing can play in the diagnosis and prevention of TB in at risk groups.

• Do you have experience of working with people with, or at higher risk of TB
• Do you have experience of working with health professionals on raising awareness about TB or other communicable diseases?
• If not, would you like to know more about this issue?

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