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Community Asset Transfer – are you sure?

What is a community asset/community asset transfer? 
Swan BuilidingsCommunity assets are land and buildings that are transferred from public ownership to be owned or managed by community organisations. These assets cover a wide spectrum and include town halls, community centres, sports facilities, affordable housing and libraries, and other public buildings. 

Locality is a national organisation dedicated to supporting asset transfer, their website has lots of information, which can be found here: http://mycommunity.org.uk/programme/community-asset-transfer/  

Are you ready?
Is your group ready for asset transfer?
Whilst community asset transfer is a process in its own right, much of the work preparing for CAT is about capacity building your organisation in readiness. This means:

  • Making sure you have the right people and skills leading and governing the organisation
  • Having the right structure (type of organisation) and protection (legal structure)
  • Understanding and managing the risks that come with running a group and managing a building
  • Being able to show how a building will help (and not hinder) your organisation in achieving the positive changes for people which your organisation exists to help.
  • Having enough money and having robust plans for continuing to have enough money to run your group, its activities and a building
  • Having a written, useful plan of all of the above

Are you sure?

Have you:

  • Gathered evidence to show how the community and local people will benefit from the transfer?
  • Gathered evidence of community support for the transfer?
  • Checked that you understand Manchester City Council’s Asset Transfer Strategy and if there have been other Community Asset Transfers nearby from which you can learn? 
  • Checked that land and buildings in question really are assets and not liabilities – for example, they are liabilities if they cannot generate enough income to fund repairs, maintenance and ongoing operational costs?
  • Considered whether asset transfer is the right option and the best option for your organisation?

Is your organisation ready for asset transfer?

If not or you are unsure, please contact Macc 0333 321 3021 or info@mcrcommunitycentral.org and we can arrange to carry out an informal healthcheck. This will help you identify whether you are ready and what actions you may need to take.

The healthcheck can cover key areas, for example:

  • Checking whether you have a legal structure and if it is right for asset transfer
  • Checking that your governing  document, objects and powers allow an asset transfer
  • Looking at your proposed business model –will it work for asset transfer?

Are you still sure?

You may want to consider renting a space whilst working towards Community Asset Transfer. If so, please click on the ‘I want to look for a space to hire’ button.

No, I want to look for a space to hire               Yes, I want to buy or asset transfer a building / land