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COVID-19 Mutual Aid & Community Response Groups

Across the country, people are organising into informal groups of volunteers in response to the COVID-19 outbreak in order to help and support people in their local area.

These groups are often called ‘mutual aid groups’, but can be called anything, and if you are interested in joining or setting up one of these groups, or are part of one of these groups and want some advice and support, then please see below.

Remember to always follow government and NHS advice relating to the outbreak:

UK Government response to coronavirus here

NHS information on coronavirus here

What are mutual aid groups?
A mutual aid group is a group of local people who organise informally to support one another and the needs of their local community.

A mutual aid group is independent from any organisation or official body, and it is led by local people who volunteer their time.

The groups often organise online either through Facebook or WhatsApp.

How are these groups helping during the COVID-19 outbreak?
These groups are organising a number of different activities in order to help people during the COVID-19 outbreak. Activities are often focused upon helping the most vulnerable and isolated people in their local area.

Activities that have been organised by mutual aid groups in Manchester include calling isolated individuals to check in on them, and picking up and delivering shopping for local NHS workers. 

How can I join one of these groups?
Click here to find maps of all the Manchester mutual aid groups. If you click the name of a group you will be taken to their Facebook page where you can request to join. 

Please DO NOT meet others if you are currently in an at-risk group, at high risk of infection or experiencing symptoms yourself. Follow NHS guidance on when to self-isolate here.

How can I set up my own?
Firstly we recommend checking the following map and joining a group in your local area. However if your local area is not covered by a mutual aid group then why not set up your own!

Below we have outlined some basic advice on how to set up a mutual aid group. For more information please contact thomas@macc.org.uk and visit the Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK website, where they are helping to coordinate the ever growing movement of mutual aid groups across the UK.

We also recommend joining the Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK Facebook group for those organising mutual aid groups, where you can connect with others organising mutual aid in the UK. 

Basic steps to setting up a mutual aid group:

  • Firstly, always consider the safety of yourself, your group members and everyone your group is trying to help. There are resources below which outline how to keep people safe, and remember to always follow the most up to date government advice relating to the outbreak here.
  • Think about where you want your group to focus on. A local group that covers your street could be more effective than a larger group. In addition, the smaller and more local the group the easier it is to manage
  • Find a way to organise your group. We recommend doing this online either through Facebook or WhatsApp. You can then communicate and share information quickly and without meeting. (How to create a Facebook group and How to create a WhatsApp group)
  • Make sure you consider an additional way for those in need of support to contact you, whether that is an email address or a phone number. You could set up a specific group email/number if you do not want to share personal details.

I am part of a mutual aid group, what support is on offer to me?

Tom Waring from Macc is offering support and advice to mutual aid groups across Manchester, contact him on thomas@macc.org.uk

We also recommend that you register your group to the national COVID-19 Mutual Aid UK group map (https://covidmutualaid.org/local-groups/) and follow their website for up to date information and resources: https://covidmutualaid.org/resources/ 

Safety, advice and resources
Always consider the safety of yourself, your group members and everyone your group is trying to help when setting up or volunteering as part of a mutual aid group. 

Remember that if you are delivering mutual aid in your community you must practice social distancing and follow official guidance. If you are assisting someone who is self-isolated, please follow the necessary social distancing  precautions.Volunteers who are shopping for others are advised to phone the inhabitant rather than knocking on the door, and to leave shopping at a safe distance from the door.

We recommend you follow these links below before you set up, they provide information on how to keep individuals and their data safe when organising a group:

  • Advice and resources from Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK here
  • Government advice on how to help others safely in easy read format here
  • Safeguarding Training for Mutual Aid Networks – provided by the National Food Service here
  • Advice from Action Together in Rochdale on how to keep people and people’s data safe (sections 5-8) here

We are also creating our own easy to read resources for those involved with mutual aid/community response groups. Feel free to download and share these resources:

  • Guide to shopping for others safely here 

If you wish to speak to somebody about mutual aid groups in Manchester then please contact Tom Waring from Macc on: thomas@macc.org.uk

Mutual Aid Groups in Manchester maps

Click on the images below to download PDFs of the maps, then click on the name of the group to be taken to their web page. 

central manchester mutual aid groups
North Manchester Mutual Aid Groups south manchester mutual aid groups