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Consider your fundraising strategy
• Are you opportunistic, needs-led or strategy-led?
• What about ethical principles and no-go areas?
• Do you have a view on targeting different types of funding?
• Do you have a view on targeting different sources of funding?

You may want to focus on specific types of funding – or strike a balance:
• Grants from organisations
• Donations from individuals
• Primary-purpose trading (charging for your services)
• Non-primary-purpose trading (activities purely to raise money)

Familiarise yourselves with Charity Commission guidance on:

When seeking grants from organisations:
• Treat funders as investors
• Be clear what you are inviting them to invest in
• Focus on the future. A track record builds investor confidence, but (unless it’s an award) it’s the future they’re investing in

For most grant funding, e.g. social welfare grants, you will need a clear project plan covering the key questions:
• What is the need?
• What is the evidence of need?
• Who will benefit and how?
• How will you deliver this benefit? Why using this method?
• Why are you the best people to do this?
• How do you involve people in decisions?
• What difference will your project make to people’s lives?

When you’ve done all this, you are ready to carry out a funding search. You could use a general search facility like Funding Central or you could access our Funding Portal on the Manchester Community Central website, which would give you the option of requesting follow-up support.

A web search will throw up many ideas for direct fund-raising. Try also:
Gimme, Gimme, Gimme! A guide for organisations new to fundraising  
Survive and Thrive: a casebook of charity sustainability through technology

Full Cost Recovery Budget Calculator
Full cost recovery means securing funding for all of the costs involved in running a project. This means that you can request funding for direct project costs and for a proportionate share of your organisation’s overheads. Using this Full Cost Recovery Budget Calculator can help you work out your costs