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Hate Crime Awareness Grants

Let's end hate crimeWe hope that you find all the information you need below. Good luck with your application.

Manchester’s Hate Crime Awareness Week is now in its 7th year and continues to go from strength to strength every year. Hate crime has no place in Manchester. Everyone has the right to feel safe and we all have a responsibility to stand against hatred and discrimination.

Manchester Community Safety Partnership has funding available to tackle hate crime. This funding has been running for several years and paid for some fantastic events and projects. Macc is continuing to work with the Community Safety partnership team to support the administration of this funding programme.

Hate crime is heavily under-reported. More work is needed to highlight where and how reports can be made to support victims to feel more confident to report hate crime incidents and to challenge hate crime in our communities.

Grants of up to £400 are available to support events taking place during Hate Crime Awareness Week, 4-10 February 2019.

The aim of the funding is:
To raise awareness of what hate crime is, to increase reporting and to celebrate diversity in our communities.

We welcome applications from those who have applied previously and any group or project that has not applied in the past. If you have not previously applied but have questions about this funding, please contact Oliver at Macc on 0161 834 9823 or at oliver@macc.org.uk.

A hate crime is an act of violence or hostility based on who you are or what someone thinks you are. This funding application form will ask for information about which areas of hate crime your event focuses and how it will make an impact in this area of hate crime.

The currently recognised six area of hate crimes are:

  • Disability
  • Race 
  • Religion or belief
  • Sexual orientation
  • Trans
  • Alternative subculture          

However, if your event aims to highlight another area of discrimination, please do not let this stop you from applying, as we would still like to hear from you and know more about your event as this might be something we could fund.

Funding available - Please note that the funding criteria has changed from last year
Each group or organisation is able to apply for a grant of up to £400, to hold an event in Hate Crime Awareness Week, 4-10 February 2019.

To be eligible to apply
The funding programme is open to groups and organisations that meet all of the following criteria:

  • The group or organisation works in an area within the city of Manchester and for the benefit to people living in the Manchester
  • The group or organisation has a bank account in the name of your group/organisation
  • The event/project must be held in an area in the city of Manchester
  • The group agrees to complete and return the Grant Monitoring Form
  • If your event is working with children or vulnerable adults, you will be expected to provide your safeguarding policy
  • All successful groups will be asked to provide a current insurance liability policy to cover their funded event

What we cannot fund
This funding cannot award funding to any political organisations or groups and cannot pay for speakers from within your organisations.

To help give you an idea of the types of projects that have previously been funded, they include:

  • A young people’s radio show to discuss what different type of hate crimes are
  • A disability hate crime event to raise awareness and support those affected
  • An intergenerational human library project
  • A community question and answer sessions inviting different faith communities
  • An LGBT poetry-writing workshop to explore how the LGBT community are affected by hate crime
  • An information session for those living with dementia to learn more about hate crime
  • A drop-in support group for female refugees and their families
  • Schools challenging hate crime through celebrating differences in the school community
  • Young people’s social media campaign by creating a YouTube video to challenge hate

We want to know how your event will benefit the local community, how many people may attend, the number of volunteers your event involves and if this is one off event or part of larger programme of work. The event must take place in the city of Manchester.

How to apply
Applications should be sent to Manchester’s Community Safety partnership team via email to hcaw@manchester.gov.uk, or by post to Community Safety Team (HCAW), PO Box 532, Town Hall, Manchester M60 2LA (applications will then be transferred to Macc for processing)

The deadline for applications is Monday 5 November 2018 at 12 noon. Successful applicants will be notified towards the end of week commencing Monday 19 November 2018.

All applications will receive an acknowledgment email. If you do not receive this email, your application has not been received and will not be assessed for funding. If you have applied but not received a confirmation email, please contact us as soon as possible.

Support with your application
Macc’s capacity building team can provide support for applicants through their usual referral process. Groups are free to contact them on the 0333 321 3021 support line or via info@mcrcommunitycentral.org to request support and the team will manage requests subject to their capacity.

How will decisions be made
Decisions will be made by an independent panel of representatives from Manchester City Council, the police, the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector and a faith community representative. The panel will assess all applications that meet the conditions of funding. All decisions by the funding panel will be final.

Following the assessment of applications, all applicants will be informed individually of the panel’s decision towards the end of week commencing 19 November. Due diligence checks will then need to be made on those who are successful (see next section).

Upon completion of the checks, successful applicants will receive their funding in a single tranche and sent a grant award letter, the terms and conditions and a grant monitoring form. The letter will also contain a request form for a hate crime event pack. Packs include branded promotional items to help you promote and run your events and activities.

Due diligence checks of successful applicants
Please note that there will be due diligence checks made on successful applicants. This is so that we can verify your organisation exists, that you’re active locally and that you are financially solvent. As part of this process, we may ask for some additional information from you as part of the assessment process. This can delay awarding payment or the funders can decide not to award payment if they feel that the organisation may use the funding for means other than those started in the application form.

Monitoring and evaluation
All successful applicants will be required to complete a grant monitoring form as a condition of receiving the funding. Applicants must submit a completed monitoring form within 6 weeks following your event. Organisations that fail to fill in the monitoring form may put any future funding applications to this funding programme in jeopardy. The grant monitoring form is a short form to update us on what you did as part of your event and what the outcome was.

If you would like to send us photos, feedback from attendees, videos, newspaper clippings, we would be happy to receive these. We will use these forms to help promote the funding grants for the following year and illustrate the wonderful work done in Manchester to tackle hate crime.

For more information or any questions regarding this funding or the application, please contact Oliver at Macc on 0161 834 9823 or via oliver@macc.org.uk.

Third party reporting centres
There are many ways to report hate crime in Manchester. You may be aware of the main ways to report which are directly to the police over the phone by dialling 999 in an emergency or 101 in a non-emergency or attending a police station. However, there are many other places to report if you do not feel comfortable speaking directly to the police. These are third party reporting centres and Manchester currently has 46 centres.

Please follow the link to find the third party reporting centre in your area. For more information about hate crime, please visit the Making Manchester Safer website