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For Christmas Get Togethers

7 Nov 2018 - 14:51 by michelle.foster

Forever Manchester will once again be offering £200 to those who wish to bring local people together over the festive season. For Christmas Get Togethers

Connected communities make stronger, happier communities and grants are for any event that brings people together.

Examples of events that will be supported include:

  • Christmas lunches for those who might go without
  • Christmas parties for your group
  • Celebrating with neighbours
  • What your community will enjoy
  • Getting together
  • Happy Days

Your event could be big or small, in a community centre, scout hut, park or wherever you fancy, it's whatever you and your neighbours decide.

If more eligible applications are received than there are awards available, decisions will be made via a draw. Successful applicants will be informed by email on Friday 30 November and payments released the same day.

For further information and to apply, visit: https://forevermanchester.com/for-christmas-get-togethers-2018/, or contact 0161 214 0940, or email: awards@forevermanchester.com

Deadline: Friday 23 November 2018, 12:00

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