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City Year UK

25 Oct 2019 - 11:49 by michelle.foster

City YearCity Year UK is a youth social action charity, which challenges 18 to 25-year-olds to tackle educational inequality through a year of full-time voluntary service. As mentors, tutors and role models in schools, they support pupils growing up in some of the most disadvantaged communities across London, Birmingham and Manchester. The volunteers give pupils daily support for an entire academic year and, with a double benefit, both the pupils and the volunteers progress and learn new skills.

For pupils this is evidenced by improvements in pupils’ ABCDs: Attendance, Behaviour, Curriculum achievement and Developing Emotional Well-Being, helping them to achieve success and reduce their risk of exclusion. For volunteers this is leadership training and receiving mentorship throughout the year.

City Year UK in Manchester are currently seeking Corporate partners who would actively like to get involved with them, School Partners where mentors can support pupils and City Year UK are also looking to set up an Advisory Council to provide strategic guidance and support on their growth strategy in Manchester and hear their customer voice.

For further information; visit: www.cityyear.org.uk or email Dean Thomas-Lowde, Programme Manager, at: dthomaslowde@cityyear.org.uk

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