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Communitybuilders Feasibility Grants

9 Mar 2012 - 10:44 by michelle.foster

Feasibility grants of a total of half a million are available for organisations looking to research and develop a sustainable and entrepreneurial idea that meets social needs of their local community.

Communitybuilders are looking to award between 20 and 30 grants and up to 5 days business support to high quality applicants with a proven track record. Organisations can apply for a maximum of £25,000 and minimum of £10,000 in this round of the Fund.

Organisations would need to meet the following criteria to apply for an investment from the Communitybuilders Fund:
• Seeking to become more financially independent and less grant dependent through activities that have community relevance and social value
• Be based and working in England
• Operating for the benefit of a defined neighbourhood
• Locally controlled with local people or representatives of local groups making the spending, staffing and other decisions around priorities
• Multi-purpose - providing or hosting a number of different activities and services
• Organisation should work inclusively within their community, including marginalised groups
• Show how they empower, or plan to empower, their community through multi-purpose community development and stimulating community led action
• Have a track record of delivering to the community it is based in

In addition to meeting all of the above criteria Communitybuilders are particularly interested in receiving applications from organisations that:
1. are based in areas of high deprivation (i.e. the 20% most deprived areas in the Index of Multiple Deprivation, or
2. can demonstrate a high degree of un-met social need in their neighbourhood and have a specific plan in place to meet these needs. This might include areas that have suffered in the recent riots in 2011, or
3. already have or plan to raise financial community contributions as part of their overall funding requirements.

For further information and to apply, visit: www.communitybuildersfund.org.uk/apply/, or contact 0191 269 2276, or email: info@thesocialinvestmentbusiness.org.

Deadline: Friday 13 April 2012, 12:00

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