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The Cranfield Trust

8 Mar 2018 - 11:34 by michelle.foster

The Cranfield Trust is an independent registered charity, who provide a charity management consultancy service free of charge to any registered non-profit organisation involved with poverty, disability or social exclusion. They achieve this through their network of more than 950 volunteer management consultants based all around the UK.

Every year millions of people across the country rely on essential services provided by the voluntary sector, but sometimes they need some support themselves, that is where the Cranfield Trust steps in. Projects are worked in unison with the Trust to help the charity realise their vision and strategic ambitions. Whether your charity is at the start of its journey or wants to build on previous success, the Cranfield Trust can undoubtedly help.  

Charities who require help with a project in the North West are managed by a dedicated project manager. Business planning and marketing expertise have been in high demand in this area of the UK as organisations seek support with fundraising and personalisation of services. Throughout the year the Cranfield Trust also hosts masterclasses, which local charities are invited to learn a new skill. Previous masterclasses and workshops have been on the topic of Effective Financial Planning, Governance, Marketing and Business Planning, to name but a few. Masterclasses will be advertised on Twitter and Facebook so follow both pages to keep up to date. 

As well as offering pro bono management consultancy support, the Cranfield Trust also offer free HR advice to any registered charity or other social enterprise with a charitable purpose through their online service, HRNet. This service has become invaluable to so many charities that do not have their own HR resources in house. This service allows charities access to thousands of model HR documents, including GDPR. Those who join will also receive a regular e-newsletter with the most up-to-date information on employment regulation and practice. You can join HRNet today here: www.cranfieldtrust.org/free-hr-advice-charities

If you are based in the North West and are a charity involved with poverty, disability or social exclusion and would be interested in working with the Cranfield Trust contact them on 01794 830 338, or email: admin@cranfieldtrust.org. For further information, visit: www.cranfieldtrust.org.

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