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Digital Research & Development Fund for Arts and Culture

8 Jun 2011 - 12:00 by michelle.foster

The Digital Research & Development Fund for Arts and Culture is looking to support arts and cultural organisations across England wishing to work with digital technologies to:
• expand their audience reach and engagement; and/or
• explore new business models

A key element of the new programme is partnerships between arts and cultural organisations and technology providers (by which, the sponsor means any creative, media or technology company including other arts and cultural organisations with relevant technology know-how) that can provide technology services to arts and cultural organisations.

Specifically, arts and cultural organisations are invited to submit projects that test digital propositions that are of interest to the arts and cultural sector. As such, the projects need to produce research/data that other arts and cultural organisations value highly and, possibly, new products/services that can be used by other organisations.

The sum total investment into programme activities for the arts and cultural sector in England will be worth £500,000 over 2011/12. The fund will consider a range of projects - small and large - however, no one project should exceed £100,000.

The fund themes are:
• User generated content and social media
• Distribution
• Mobile, location and games
• Data and archives
• Resources
• Education & learning

Projects must fall under one of the above themes. Projects involving innovation in art form innovation are eligible, insofar as they meet the programme's audience reach/engagement and/or business model objectives.

For further information and to apply, visit: www.nesta.org.uk/areas_of_work/creative_economy/digital_rnd, or contact 020 7438 2647, or email: angela.pugh@nesta.org.uk.

Deadline: 2 September 2011

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