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Do you have a healthy interest in the NHS?

21 Jul 2011 - 09:36 by michelle.foster

GPs in Manchester would like to hear from local people who want to become involved in designing the future of health services in the city.

National NHS reforms are changing the way health services in Manchester will be planned, arranged and funded in the future. Local GPs are forming ‘Clinical Commissioning Groups’ which will work closely with hospitals, community health services and social care services to organise and develop health services which improve the quality of care available in the city.

Manchester GPs want to involve local people in this work. Dr Phil Burns, who sits on the Board of South Manchester’s Clinical Commissioning Group, explains:

“We are lucky in Manchester to have a range of high quality health services. However, we believe we can further improve the services in Manchester despite the challenging financial times we currently face in this country. In order to do this we need local people to advise us of their views where necessary, tell us how to improve our plans.”

There are 3 ways people can get involved:

1) Apply to join Patient and Public Advisory Groups. Situated within the Clinical Commissioning Groups and reporting to the Board, these bodies will consist of approximately 12 people who will represent the views of the local community and comment on plans and developments being considered. Members should either live in Manchester or use Manchester health services. Meetings will be held monthly.

2) Join your GP practice’s Patient Participation Group. A number of practices across the city are setting up Patient Participation Groups to help them develop the service they provide and to feed up any local issues to the Clinical Commissioning Group for action. Some Patient Participation Groups will meet regularly, others will be more ‘virtual’ with people being contacted by email to share their thoughts and experiences. People should approach their own GP practice to find out more.

3) Contribute to individual pieces of work. Clinical Commissioning Groups are currently developing a range of different projects looking at specific areas of health care and are keen to hear from people who can inform this work.

For further information and to express an interest in any of the opportunities, visit: www.manchester.nhs.uk/news/newsitem.aspx?StoryId=4637, or email: communications@manchester.nhs.uk.

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