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Domestic Violence and Abuse (DV&A) Grant 2015/16

15 Sep 2015 - 11:33 by michelle.foster

Manchester City Council has been awarded £110,000 by the Police Innovation Fund to support domestic violence and abuse (DV&A) victims in the City. There are three distinct elements within the grant programme:

Early Help/Prevention
£40,000 of this money is to develop an early help/prevention service for low and medium risk cases of DV&A. At the moment there are no interventions available for low to medium risk couples who choose to stay together.

Child Victim Support – Linked into Early Help/Prevention
£35,000 of this money is to support cases where child victims are the focus and links into the early help/prevention service.

Training programme for domestic violence victims support volunteers
£35,000 of this money is to train volunteers to conduct the police three month call backs of Domestic violence and abuse standard risk visits.

The programme will need to work with a variety of different sections of the population in community settings and the successful applicant/s will be expected to develop and deliver the programme between October 2015 and 31st March 2016.

Applications are welcomed from groups working in partnership and a separate application must be submitted for each element of the programme.

The grants is for voluntary, community and faith sector organisations only who must be based in Manchester and/or mainly working with Manchester residents.

Grant Objectives
Grant applications must meet the following objectives:
1. Safety: Victims are safer and the negative impact reduced
2. Accessibility: Victims from all groups and communities including children and young people are able to access support at a time, location and in a way that meets their needs
3. Empowerment: Raise self-esteem/worth and aspirations, and give children and young people a voice.
4. Knowledge: Victims understand what a healthy relationship is

Manchester City Council will only fund activities that cover all areas of Manchester.

There is a maximum of £110,000 available for successful applicant/s to spend on a victims grant programme. The maximum amount has been split into 3 distinct projects as follows:

£40,000 for restorative justice and family conferencing
£35,000 for child victim support – linked into family conferencing
£35,000 for training domestic violence victims support volunteers

A separate application must be submitted for each element of the programme.

For further details and to apply, see attached.

For further information, contact Kristian Dodsworth, on 0161 234 1532, or email: k.dodsworth@manchester.gov.uk

Deadline: Friday 2 October 2015, 16:00

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