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Local charity property survey launched by UK Charity

23 Mar 2020 - 15:35 by michelle.foster

Leading property advice charity the Ethical Property Foundation runs free workshops across the country and has just launched its Charity Property Matters Survey 2020

The Ethical Property Foundation are asking every voluntary group in the area to spend six minutes filling in the survey so that funders and policy makers will understand the bricks and mortar reality what we are coping with.   
This Survey – run every two years since 2012 - is the only research which asks all voluntary organisations in England and Wales specifically about their property assets and issues. The results are published later this year. This is the only independent survey of its kind and is your chance to make a big difference to the UK’s charity sector in only SIX minutes.

The 2018 Charity Property Matters Survey revealed:
• More Charities than ever before are renting from a commercial Landlord
• Most charities do not have a strategic property pan
• Over a third of charities believe property poses a high/ very high risk to their future

Overheated local property markets; rent rises; asset transfers; falling core funding; hard to find affordable premises…there are major issues facing the sector.


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