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Manchester State of the City Report 2016

26 Oct 2016 - 10:28 by helen.walker

This Manchester City Council report marks the end of their Community Strategy approved in 2006. It details the 'period of transformational change' seen in the city over the last ten years. It also sets out a number of issues still to be resolved and states that some inequalities and challenges have been made worse by the impact of welfare reform and cuts to public services.

The State of the City Report also highlights the voluntary sector's role in communities including developing skills, helping people to find work and improving wellbeing. It mentions the findings of the State of the Sector Report that Macc carried out in 2013 which found that there was an estimated 3,093 VCS organisations in Manchester, about two thirds of these were very small with an annual income of less than £10,000, and that the sector had seen a reduction in income over recent years. The Volunteer Centre Manchester was also started by Macc and funded by the Council during the period of this report and brings a coordiated approach to the advertisement of opportunities and recruitment of volunteers. In March 2016, more than 14,000 Manchester residents were registered with the Volunteer Centre.

State of the City also provides lots of key information on areas such as population, health, employment, economy and the environment. The Manchester City Council Community Strategy has now been replaced by Our Manchester which, rather than being problem-based, looks at identifying and building on the strengths of individuals, communities and organisations across the city. You can find out more about Our Manchester from the Manchester City Council website.

Our latest State of the Sector Survey is open for responses until Friday 25 November.                                                           


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