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A message from Jam and Justice

7 Dec 2018 - 11:21 by michelle.foster

Jam and Justice’s action research projects are beginning to report back, and they’d like to update everyone on what they’ve been doing. 

Jez Hall, one of the Jam and Justice Action Research Collective (ARC), has been ARC lead for a project exploring new approaches to Care at Home:
The Care at Home Citizens' Inquiry release recommendations on Wednesday 12 December. Health and social care professionals met for six weekly sessions earlier this Autumn, hearing testimony from those with lived experience. Now they're ready to share considered responses to the question, "What would it take to help people have a good life at home for as long as they choose?" The report contains the "what" and "why", and those who attend the launch will have chance to get involved in debating and planning the "how". To register for the event, visit: https://jamandjustice-rjc.org/event/inquiry-care-home-sharing-recommendations

Jam and Justice are also sponsoring a January away day with the GM Social Values Network to develop a business plan based on the findings of the People's Procurement project. There will be more walks with Carbon Coop and friends, using immersive theatre to explore the history and geography of your energy supply. Jam and Justice are pooling experience from their action-research experiments and other co-productive initiatives around the city-region, with a series of events under the banner "Coalitions for Change". The hope is to co-produce a call for action, inspired and nurtured by Jam and Justice, but owned by all who participate.

To receive timely alerts about such activities, and/or get general updates about the activities of the Jam and Justice collective and others working towards better urban governance, you can sign up for their new mailing list, here: https://jamandjustice-rjc.org/join-jam-justice-mailing-list

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