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Multi Agency Domestic Abuse Toolkit

11 Mar 2016 - 09:48 by michelle.foster

Do you work with people who may be experiencing domestic violence and abuse?
Manchester City Council’s newly updated multi-agency toolkit will hopefully make your job easier, by giving information you need to advise on matters like legal issues and housing options.

This toolkit is for all frontline agencies who work with people who may be experiencing domestic violence and abuse. It includes information about the available legal and housing options so that people can make informed choices, be empowered and achieve the best outcomes. Early Intervention and prevention will ensure the response taken meets the needs of the individual and/or family; and the right services are provided at the right time.

The toolkit was developed in response to the large number of people who become homeless because of domestic abuse. All too often the victims are the ones who have to leave the family home with negative consequences for individuals, families and children.

Frontline agencies can be best placed to identify issues or difficulties, or where individuals disclose or ask for help enabling an early response to help individuals to help themselves and find solutions to problems or prevent problems developing.

For further information and to view the toolkit visit: http://manchester.fsd.org.uk/kb5/manchester/directory/advice.page?id=VTBD7XMrhWM

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