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Nazarene Theological College Spirit Story - Fostering a sense of community

19 Sep 2016 - 15:49 by helen.walker

Nazarene Theological College are based in Didsbury, south Manchester and they nurture a learning community with one aim: to prepare their students for innovative Christian ministry.

This week is registration week. NTC provided lunch for new and existing students to welcome them. On Monday 19th September, there were 50 people at the college in Didsbury. It gave students that have moved to Manchester for the course and current students the opportunity to mix and have a good meal. This has the benefit of fostering a sense of community and builds relationships. The students feel valued as individuals and this may enable them to feel more relaxed with their studies.

NTC also hold a number of other social events throughout the year including a neighbourhood community day to build links in Didsbury.

One student said “People interact differently when there is food. It is easier to talk over food as you have something else to focus on, it isn't as awkward or intense”. Another lunch participant said “It helps to build community and this is a core value of NTC.”

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