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NOMS ESF Co-financing Opportunity

28 Feb 2012 - 13:58 by michelle.foster
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The National Offender Management Service Co-financing Organisation (NOMS CFO) has secured additional Technical Assistance funding from ESF to develop a number of elements to increase the effectiveness of the Co-financing Programme, which will deliver services to offenders to increase access to mainstream opportunities up to 2014. One of these elements includes a programme of work designed to develop the social enterprise market place to better enable such organisations to participate in the current and future Co-finance programmes.

This procurement opportunity has the expressed aim of enabling consortia building within the social enterprise sector, with a particular focus on SMEs in the market. This opportunity is designed to enable the sector to organise into entities or structures that can, through working with NOMS CFO and others help to deliver policy objectives. This opportunity is therefore designed to test how enterprises and other organisations can work together to create a ‘value’ or ’supply chain’ that can offer offenders the opportunity to gain skills and employment (supported by other multi-pathway interventions). These value or supply chains should also create environmental and social benefit beyond that experienced by the participants themselves and which is offered through a single contract to the Authority or one of its prime providers.

The primary objective is to award grants for the creation of new SE consortia models that will be able to better participate in current and future tendering opportunities. The Authority will also be providing Technical Support to underpin this procurement, with a separate procurement opportunity to be launched during the coming months for defined Technical Support.

The lots available in England are:
England (excluding South West):
Lot 1: 1* x £250,000 This is for proposals that have national coverage
Lot 2: 2* x £150,000 These are for proposals that are at a regional level
Lot 3: 8* x £50,000 These are for ‘local’ proposals

GMCVO intends to co-ordinate the submission of a Greater Manchester bid and would be grateful to hear from any organisations which are interested in working together, to express an interest email: Chris.Heard@gmcvo.org.uk.

For further information, visit: www.contractsfinder.businesslink.gov.uk/Common/View%20Notice.aspx?site=1....

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