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People's Plan for Greater Manchester launched

25 Oct 2016 - 09:21 by helen.walker

Devolution could be a unique opportunity for citizens and civil society to have a greater say about the future of Greater Manchester. The People’s Plan seeks to gather a wide and deep range of ideas and thoughts on what the future for all areas of Greater Manchester should be, exploring key issues such as the economy and jobs, health and social care, transport, housing, the environment, and how to build a citizen-led democracy. 

The People’s Plan has been launched by an independent, broad and growing alliance of civil society groups including Macc, think tanks, academia, business people, trade union members, campaigners, artists, technology and media professionals and citizens from across the region.

The People’s Plan represents the beginning of a new type of engagement with the citizens of Greater Manchester - one which seeks to shape the future of devolution. The aim is to involve as many individuals and groups as possible; people are encouraged to engage via social media, or by completing the short online survey, coming to events, or holding their own People’s Plan gatherings, which will feed into the wider project.

The information gathered will provide the basis to the development of a specific set of proposals and ideas - the People’s Plan - by early 2017. It is hoped and expected that the ideas within the People’s Plan will feed into the campaigns of all the Mayoral candidates.

Regional Director for the Royal College of Nursing, Estephanie Dunn, said:
"The People’s Plan provides a focus on some of the big devolution questions beyond how to improve investment and the economy. It’s an opportunity to shape the future of health, social care and wellbeing, transport, housing and local democracy. That’s why I’m urging nurses and other healthcare staff to take up the challenge and get involved."

Mike Wild, Chief Executive, Macc, commented:
“Macc’s purpose as a charity is to encourage, support and develop voluntary and community groups and individuals to have a real influence over the places and communities in which they live. So for that reason alone we’re keen to support the People’s Plan as a non-partisan, citizen-led movement.”

Professor Karel Williams, Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change, University of Manchester said:
“If devolution is to work, we need a new politics of participation. I am supporting the People’s Plan as a first step towards engaging ordinary citizens.”

For more information, visit the website at: www.peoplesplangm.org.uk where you can complete an online survey or find an event near you. Macc will be helping to organise a number of events across Greater Manchester in the near future so look out for the details on our website soon.

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