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Review of Third Sector Funding by NHS in Manchester

10 May 2013 - 16:03 by Nigel Rose

The three Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in Manchester are carrying out a review of their funding of third sector organisations. The overall aim is to maximise the value of the third sector contribution. It is not primarily a financial review. The first wider engagement event will be held from 10am to 12am on Thursday 6th June at GMCVO. The event is open to all voluntary and community sector organisation working on health related issues in Manchester. Further details will be available soon.

The review is managed by a board chaired by Craig Harris, Director of City Wide Commissionng and Quality Team. and includes representation from the 3 CCGs, Manchester City Council and the voluntary and community sector. The voluntary and community sector representatives are from Macc's Policy and Voice Team, Nigel Rose (Strategic Lead on Commissioning and John Butler (Development worker mental health), who will also be facilitating a Providers Advisory Group (PAG). The PAG will be open both to existing providers and to potential providers and will shadow the board and provide expert advice. Further details will be available soon

The first stage of the review is: a desktop review of all existing providers; individual meetings with each provider; collation of existing needs and prevalence data, and understanding of current commissioning arrangements. The second stage is: analysis of findings; mapping results against prevalence and need; feedback of results. The third stage is: the development of a service model for future commissioning; undertaking Healths and Equality Impact Assessments; and engagement with providers about new commissioning arrangements.


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