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The Rob Ferguson Fund

15 Mar 2019 - 11:22 by michelle.foster

The Rob Ferguson fund is a programme that offers funds to individuals and groups working in MSV’s communities and neighbourhoods. This fund offers cash and direct support to initiatives that improve people's lives and the places where they live. All you need is a great idea that connects direct to Mosscare St Vincent’s customers: Mosscare St Vincent's

  • Green up where you live – this could range from growing your own food to creating a garden that’s worthy of a ‘Britain in Bloom’ award
  • Reaching out to the isolated and vulnerable – Like the elderly and young people living on their own
  • Improve safety in your neighbourhood through an activity for young people that uncaps their potential
  • Improve health – through things like armchair fitness classes, a community boot camp, a sports event or an outdoor pursuit
  • Bringing people together – it could be the old and young, it could be different community groups. The end result is the same. Building a stronger, happier, harmonious place for people to thrive
  • Tackle poverty – You can cook and eat healthy on a budget
  • Get skills and improve individual capability
  • Improve life chances or peoples wellbeing
  • Step up through employment, entrepreneurship and training

For further information and to apply, visit: www.msvhousing.co.uk/rob-ferguson-fund/, or contact 0161 226 4211, or email: involvement@msvhousing.co.uk

Deadline: For small projects decisions are made week by week, project by project. For bigger projects a panel meets every month.

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