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Update on Our Manchester VCS Funding Co-Design

20 Apr 2017 - 11:15 by Nigel Rose

The co-design group met on Feb 21st 2017 to discuss the results of the consultation and work out the implications for the design of the funding programme, identifying a number of issues that needed further work. These included answers to questions such as: what does strength based funding mean and how would it be evidenced?; define what Manchester-based is and how it is measured?; and what is the approach to neighbourhoods where there are not strong organisations? An implementation group was formed and has been meeting weekly to develop the detail of the funding programme. There have been 2 further meetings of the co-design group on 14th March and 11th April to discuss and agree recommendations based on the work of the implementation group. A summary of the work so far will be presented to Communities and Equalities Scrutiny Committee on 25th May. Further details on the co-design process can be found here.

A summary of the consultation responses has been published here.

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