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Manchester VCS CEO Network
This was formerly the Chief Officers Group and was relaunched in April 2017. It is open to Chief Officers or equivalent representatives from any voluntary and community sector organisation in the city of Manchester.

The function of the network is to:

  • provide an informal space to discuss subjects of common concern
  • identify and take action on strategic issues
  • support networking and collaborative working within the voluntary and community sector
  • improve communication both within the sector and with other sectors in Manchester
  • provide a confidential space for the exchange of information, learning and ideas
  • provide peer support and nurture leadership within the sector

The network is an informal opportunity to meet and discuss issues affecting the voluntary and community sector in Manchester. The following principles will apply:

  • Participants to respect that there will be a variety of views, styles and approaches: the aim of the group is to build collaboration not conformity.
  • Participants agree to declare any potential conflicts of interest and to respect the confidentiality of information shared within meetings and between colleagues.
  • Participants agree to identify a named deputy to send if they cannot attend. This is important to ensure relationships can be built between individuals.

Support and resources
Support for the group will be provided by Macc who will organise the meetings and will seek discussion topics from members. There won't be a fixed agenda or papers circulated and members may wish to bring a topic on the day and lead a discussion on that.

There will be no formal chair but Macc will act as facilitator. The meetings are intended to be relatively informal - a get together with refreshments to identify key issues, shared priorities and messages.

If you would like to join the network, please email Helen Walker at helen@macc.org.uk