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Manchester Health and Care Commissioning

This is the single commissioning body now responsible for all health and care commissioning in Manchester. Effectively its main job will be to issue two very large contracts – one for the Single Hospital Service and the other for the Local Care Organisation.

Manchester Health and Care Commissioning is a partnership between Manchester City Council and the Manchester Clinical Commissioning Group. It brings together the commissioning of health, adult social care and public health in a single partnership arrangement.

The aim is that, by having a single commissioner, the benefits will include:

  • A single commissioning voice
  • Commissioning for integrated and proactive health and social care
  • A more strategic role enabling larger scale transformation of services
  • Better use of our collective assets

Website: www.mhcc.nhs.uk

Twitter: @ManchesterHCC

Manchester Population Health Plan 2018-2027
This plan (attached below) has been informed by evidence from research, national and international best practice and local population insight, building on the approach exemplified by the Manchester Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA).