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Purpose of representation
Macc's Policy and Influence Team works alongside representatives from Manchester voluntary, community and faith organisations to attend a range of strategic partnership meetings to influence local policy and decisions, raise issues of concern, promote the impact of the work of the voluntary, community and faith sector in Manchester, and to gather information to share with sector colleagues.

Representation is defined as the act of standing in for people or groups and speaking with authority on their behalf; it happens when someone serves as an official delegate, agent or spokesperson.  

As an example of a representation guide, Regional Voices produced a briefing on how health and wellbeing boards could work with the voluntary sector - http://www.regionalvoices.org/sites/default/files/library/Briefing_on_VCS_for_healthwelbeingboards.pdf

Representation at boards and meetings
We have listed below the current boards and meetings that the voluntary sector attend in Manchester and the details of who attends. If you know of a meeting not listed here, please send the details to info@macc.org.uk.

Theme Group Hosted by (if applicable) VCS Reps Rep is accountable to Twitter
Adults Manchester Safeguarding Adults Board (MSAB)   Mike Wild, Macc Health and Wellbeing Leaders Group @MikeWildMacc
Adults MSAB Communications Sub Group  

Michelle Foster, Macc

via Macc @McrCommCentral
Children and Families Manchester Safeguarding Boards Executive Group   (vacant)    
Children and Families Manchester Safeguarding Children Board      


Community Safety Community Safety Partnership

Manchester City Council

Karen Dyson, Macc VCS Assembly @Karen_at_Macc
Devolution GM VCSE Devolution Reference Group Voluntary Sector North West

Mike Wild, Macc
Simone Spray, 42nd Street
Michele Scattergood, BreakthroughUK
Paul Martin, LGBT Foundation
Jo Walby, Mustard Tree

 VCS Assembly


Economy, Skills and Employment Work and Skills Partnership Manchester City Council Mike Wild, Macc  VCS Assembly


General Strategic Our Manchester Investment Board Manchester City Council

In rotation:
Michelle Hill, TLC
Adrian Ball, Manchester Settlement
Michele Scattergood, Breakthrough UK
Paul Martin, LGBT Foundation
Mike Wild, Macc

General strategic Our Manchester Forum
(Manchester Leaders Forum)
Manchester City Council

Paul Martin, LGBT Foundation
Michele Scattergood, Breakthrough UK
Priscilla Nkwenti, BHA
Mike Wild, Macc

VCS Assembly


Health and Wellbeing

Manchester Health and Wellbeing Transformation Accountability Board Board

Manchester City Council Mike Wild, Macc Health and Wellbeing Leaders Group @MikeWildMacc
Health and Wellbeing Manchester Health and Wellbeing Board Manchester City Council Mike Wild, Macc Health and Wellbeing Leaders Group



Greater Manchester Poverty Action

  Macc is a principal partner   @GMPovertyAction


Poverty Truth Commission  

Mike Wild, Macc
Sinead O'Connor, CHAC

Young People Youth Infrastructure Meeting Young Manchester Nigel Rose, Macc   @NigelMacc

Manchester City Council Scrutiny Committees
There are six Manchester City Council Scrutiny Committees. The Council defines scrutiny as 'a process that ensures that decisions taken by the Council and its partners reflect the opinions, wishes and priorities of Manchester residents'. The aim of the committees is to influence decision makers by considering and discussing the issues affecting Manchester and making recommendations for improvemment.

The six committees are Communities and Equalities, Economy, Resources and Governance, Health, Neighbourhoods and Environment, and Children and Young People. They are open to the public and can be viewed live on the internet. The Scrutiny page on the MCC website provides more information - http://www.manchester.gov.uk/info/100004/the_council_and_democracy/5087/scrutiny/2.

We have also produced a guide to these committees which you will find below. 

Macc's role

  • Representing the sector at boards and meetings
  • Gathering the views of the sector
  • Encouraging participation by the voluntary, community and faith sector on boards and in meetings
  • Feeding any information back through channels such as the Voluntary Sector Assembly and the Macc website

More information
For more information about how you can influence decision makers, please contact the Policy and Influence Team on 0161 834 9823 or email info@macc.org.uk