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Transport is one of the 3 key issues that the Greater Manchester Older People's Network focuses on. As well as previously holding an event on the topic of transport and producing a report and reccomendations based on the findings, we also have a transport working group that is dedicated to working on transport issues that affect older people. Below, you can find our transport report as well as other useful resources. 


If you are interested in finding out more about our transport working group please contact Liz or Victoria on 0161 834 9823 or email GMOPN@macc.org.uk

Age-Friendly Transport in Greater Manchester - Are we getting there?

The report based on the findings from this conference makes 10 recommendations which we believe will support the development of a more age-friendly transport system in Greater Manchester. The Greater Manchester Older People’s Network would hope to continue to work with the combined authority, Transport for Greater Manchester and other providers to help translate some of these recommendations into action. Click here to view the report.

Transport for Greater Manchester report – A sustainable urban mobility plan for the future

This document provides the evidence base supporting the Greater Manchester Transport Strategy 2040. The evidence base begins by setting out recent trends in Travel in Greater Manchester (page 4). This focuses on providing a picture of the current transport situation, with reference to recent developments in Greater Manchester. Click here to read the report