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Voluntary Sector Assembly Previous Events

Assembly event – Wednesday 1 November 2017

  Safeguarding Manchester's Children
The issues surrounding the health, welfare and safeguarding of Manchester's children are never far from the headlines. We all have responsibility for ensuring children are safe, and to know what help and support is available. The November 2017 assembly included an update on Manchester's safeguarding and early years help, and there was a choice of three interesting and practical workshops which discussed issues surrounding children and social media, how voluntary sector organisations can deal with allegations against staff, and community cohesion. Finally, there was an panel discussion on the 'Future of Safeguarding' chaired by Ruth Welford from Barnardos. Click here to read more

Assembly event – Tuesday 28 February 2017

This assembly asked participants to think about the current issues affecting the VCSE sector in Manchester. There were also presentations by Nigel Wilson – CEO of Wythenshawe Community Housing Group - on the future of social housing providers, their relationship with the VCSE sector and their role in the wider community and Professor Ruth Lupton – Head of Inclusive Growth Analysis Unit, The University of Manchester - on the role of the VCSE sector in promoting inclusive growth. Click here to read more

Assembly event - Wednesday 8 June 2016

This assembly gave an opportunity for participants to share, learn and discuss some of the key issues affecting the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector in Manchester and to be part of The Way Forward, a set of proposals to maintain and increase the impact of the VCSE sector in Manchester. The two main topics were Our Manchester – An Asset-Based Approach and Manchester’s Primary Care Led Prevention Programme – A Radical Upgrade. Click here to read more

Assembly event – Thursday 10 December 2015

Cuts, Campaigns and Devolution
This assembly gave an opportunity to share, learn about and discuss some of the key issues affecting the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector in Manchester.
Presentations included:
• Cuts to Manchester City Council - The latest news about how MCC are proposing to make the major savings they have to make
• The Campaign to Save Mental Health Services - Mental Health services are facing cuts of £1.5 million which will lead to the closure of services for hundreds of people with mental health problems
• Street Homelessness - With increasing media exposure street homelessness has become a major area of action for the city. What’s happening and how is it being addressed?
• Devolution - Devolution is an area of rapid change. What’s happening and what, so far, has been the response of the VCSE sector
• The Way Forward – a strategy for Manchester’s VCSE sector - Proposals from the Voluntary Sector Assembly of Manchester on how the VCSE sector can sustain and increase its impact in Manchester


Assembly events – 16 April 2015 and 25 June 2015

Another Year Facing the Challenge Parts 1 and 2
The purpose of these Voluntary Sector Assemblies was to prepare the Manchester Third Sector to meet the many challenges we will face over the next year. We need to be ready.

In the first VSA 16 April, we discussed a draft voluntary sector strategy; reviewing the sector’s response to the previous round of cuts; assessing the impact of devolution; and planning how we wish to engage with local public bodies over the next year.

At the second VSA 25 June, we engaged in a debate primarily with Councillors from Manchester City Council based on the discussions held at the first Voluntary Sector Assembly. Click here to read more


Assembly event – Thursday 11 December 2014

Emergency Voluntary Sector Assembly - Voluntary Sector Cuts
80 representatives from Manchester’s Voluntary and Community groups came together to discuss the devastating impact of cuts across the city on 11 December. Click here to read more


Assembly event - Monday 15 September 2014

 Voluntary Sector Assembly - In the long-term who cares? The sequel
The Care Act 2014 will make one of the biggest changes to the Social Care landscape in 60 years. It sets out a new framework of Local Authority duties that cover social care funding and changes to the regulation of social care providers. We know there is a serious gap between public funding of social care and rising needs. Will it be the solution to the well documented Care Crisis in the UK? Click here to read more


Assembly event - Tuesday 24 June 2014

This Assembly saw a lively discussion about volunteering, its role in the community and some of the dilemmas arising as part of the changing political landscape at a national regional and local level. Click here to read more

Assembly event - Thursday 30 January 2014

The key debate for this assembly was ‘Saving the City’. Manchester residents are facing further savage cuts in public services and welfare benefits including £70 million reduction in Council Finances in 2015/2016. The voluntary, community and faith sector is becoming ever more important in maintaining the wellbeing of the city as the public sector reduces. This assembly focused on what our vision is for a way forward for the City. The event also included key note speaker Richard Leese, Leader of Manchester City Council. Click here to read more

Assembly event - Tuesday 17 September 2013

This Assembly focused on the impact of cuts in welfare funding on the people of Manchester and on voluntary and community organisations, and how we should respond. There were presentations and workshops on campaigning, how to deal with losing funding and on reshaping welfare provision. There were also updates on what’s happening in Manchester, and opportunities for organisations to meet and share their experiences of the impact of cuts on the people of Manchester. Click here to read the event report

Assembly event - Tuesday 11 June 2013

The June event focused on bringing together a diverse range of groups to:
• build connections across the sector
• discuss what pressures everyone is under
• share tips and advice on what groups can do at both a strategic and practical level
• get feedback on what additional support / resources groups would like from infrastructure
• try out a format for these events which enables people to take part in the sections which are most useful for them
Click here to read the event report

Assembly event - Monday 4 February 2013

The first assembly event held in February 2013, chaired by Prof John Diamond from Edgehill University, focused on the perceived threat to independence from public sector policy around “welfare reform” or “welfare cuts” and the outsourcing of the welfare state to the commercial for profit sector and the social sector.
Click here to read the event report