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Youth partnerships

Young Manchester, a charity focused on supporting youth and play services in the city, went fully live in summer 2017. Justin Watson is the current Director and Young Manchester aims to provide children and young people in communities across the city with increased opportunities in all aspects of their life by commissioning projects that respond to their ever-changing needs. More information is available from their website - https://www.youngmanchester.org/

Across Manchester, groups of voluntary sector youth service providers are getting together as partnerships to meet up and discuss what is happening in the youth arena.There are a number of these partnership meetings, at present informal, to discuss this further:

- A6 Youth Partnership
- Central Youth Partnership
- East Youth Partnership
- South Youth Focus

- North Youth Consortium - Meets at the Factory Youth Zone. Chair - Richard Marsh, Factory Youth Zone. Contact details - 0161 203 5333 or Richard.Marsh@thefactoryyz.org

- Wythenshawe Youth Alliance - Meets at Wythenshawe Forum. Chair - Sarah Klueter from Wythenshawe Community Housing Group. Contact details - 0161 946 7544 or sarah.klueter@wchg.org.uk.

- Play Network - Elaine Young, Manchester Young Lives E.Young@manchesteryounglives.org.uk