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SoW - Back on Track

Back on Track created a multi-media wellbeing project engaging around 20 people who had personal experience of mental health issues. The group produced a photography and audio project based on the five ways to wellbeing. Back on Track was inspired by taking part in the With One Voice arts and homelessness festival, for which their photography group contributed to an exhibition. Back on Track aimed to inspire many people with their project, which is also available to view on their own website.

They also wrote a blog about the project which is available here


Sally tells us why this picture is important to her -

 I like this photo, it’s colourful, and has lots of vegetables. Food makes me happy. I like the café at Back on Track, and I eat lots of veg at home.

 I’d been struggling with my mental health but it improved when I found a place to live where I could cook my own food. We eat together once a week, which is good for socialising with the other residents. I decided to stop eating meat a year ago. Since then I’ve lost 10kilos and feel much better.


I like this quote. It means that some women are remembered because they behaved differently.
One of my favourite people from history is Emmeline Pankhurst, who was born in Manchester. She was a member of the Suffragettes, who helped women to win the right to vote. She behaved differently, and that has helped women to be able to say what they want to say, and do what they want to do. I feel like I get my rights when I come to Back on Track.




Listen to Dale talking about why volunteering (and the food) at Back at Track makes her happy -

Jennifer tells us about this image and what it means for her history -


Karen is happier with coffee and cake! - 


"It allows me to see things I wouldn't normally see" - Kate. How taking photographs helps her to slow down



Kevin tells us about everything he has learnt -