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SoW - Manchester Cares

The mini grant funded a three-course New Years Get Together meal for 30 people at Levenshulme Inspire. The funding also covered personalised gifts, and transport costs for any neighbours who may need assistance getting to and from the venue.

This was the first time that they brought all of their Love Your Neighbour matches together. And in doing so, they encouraged a wider conversation about belonging and purpose between neighbours – a conversation previously had at home. Indeed, this was an opportunity for those who otherwise might not be part of the wellbeing conversation to feel valued, vibrant and visible.

This is a podcast from the event:

Here are some quotes from the event:

“What I do that makes me happy is that I write poetry, I listen to music, and I do painting.”

“I like being outside and going for a walk…Just being outside and having the time to enjoy my surroundings makes me happy.”

“The thing that makes me happy is singing. I love to sing. I have a karaoke machine at home…Nearly every day I go through one of my discs singing.”

“I think it is good to talk, at places like this, at Manchester cares events, it’s good to mix with the younger generation, exchange views, bring back memories and exchange ideas…the young can learn from the older people and vice versa!”

“The thing that relaxes me is doing colouring. I have lots of adult colouring books.”

“The thing that relaxes me is doing yoga. I find that it’s really good physical exercise and it’s also meditative as well.”

“I love spending time with Beryl because she always makes me laugh and shares stories from her amazing life.”