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SoW - Real Food Wythenshawe

Real Food Wythenshawe 

Real Food Wythenshawe delivered enhanced horticultural workshops offering fun, nature-based activities that help to build resilience, confidence and cultivate enjoyment of green spaces. The activities were delivered to local people who were experiencing social isolation, loneliness and low mood. The workshops included: mindfulness, outdoor yoga, food growing, art and craft workshops using nature's bounty, walking, and nature and seasonal change appreciation.



Real Food Wythenshawe’s horticultural wellbeing workshops

Real Food Wythenshawe offered horticultural wellbeing workshops for local people. The sessions were very sociable and relaxed with lots of different activities to get involved with, including planting seeds for spring veggies, potting young plants, preparing seed trays and making sure everything got a big drink to get things started.

Young plants need careful nurturing which is an ideal time to have a chat in the relaxing atmosphere of the glasshouses in Wythenshawe Park. DJ commented “I really like coming here today. Everyone is friendly. I’ve had a really good chat”. Participants could also have a stroll in the jungle, walk to see the wonderful cacti and stretch their limbs for a while. 

The relaxation session was a chance to unwind and focus on breathing techniques. We talked about difficulties with getting to or staying asleep. Helen shared, “I get into a habit of only sleeping at the beginning of the night and then I can’t get back off. I think the relaxation techniques could really help me to get back off. I usually end up watching the TV”. Pauline was surprised by how rested she felt after the meditation “I feel like I’ve been asleep for ages even though I was sat upright in a chair.”

There were more chances to catch up over tea and refreshments and many participants shared their thoughts about the day: “It was a relaxing afternoon”, “ I feel like I’ve made a new friend today”, “I’m annoyed with myself that I haven’t come and joined this kind of group before. I’ve not laughed so much in a long time.”