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The Tree of Life Centre hosted a Christmas lunch in their Community Café for 35 people. Attendees had the opportunity to share their individual stories on what worked for them to improve their wellbeing. A wellbeing wall was available for participants to display their wellbeing hints and tips. The purpose of the event was to show how spending time together with others and sharing a meal together can have a positive impact on wellbeing. 












The Wellbeing Wall, showing a range of tips for keeping well.











“Coming to the Lunch Club has helped me meet new people. I feel comfortable and its somewhere I am confident to go by myself."

George has been a customer at the Tree of Life for many years. He lives in the bungalows nearby where he was a live-in carer for his mum for 14 years after she suffered a stroke. Just over two years ago, she passed away. George was bereft his mum had gone, the lady he adored and had looked after for so long.Even though George has a large family and is close to his sisters, he felt lost and alone, his grief was immense. A short time after losing his mum, George‘s father passed away unexpectedly, his grief intensified along with his feelings of isolation and loneliness. George did not know which way to turn, he visited his doctor who arranged bereavement counselling for him and prescribed him anti-depressants which helped a little. After a short period of time George felt a little stronger but was anxious about going anywhere alone as his confidence was at rock bottom. So along with his sister he started coming into the Tree of Life just for a coffee at first and to have a look around. George has said “I felt comfortable straight away. Everyone was so friendly that I started coming on my own as I knew I would be okay.” On one of George’s weekly visits, we mentioned to him that we were holding an afternoon tea at the centre for our over 50’s, George jumped at the chance. He came along with his sister. They had a lovely time and this was where he heard about the launch of our New Senior Lunch Club which is designed to provide an opportunity for vulnerable and isolated people in our community over 50 to get together and enjoy some food, a brew and company. George has been a member since it began in June 2017 - he never misses a week, he came on our outing to Botany Bay somewhere he would never have gone on his own and he loved it.
George is now a very active member of the Tree of Life family joining in with our christmas celebrations and taking part in our fun days.

George said “I still have my bad days when I struggle to get out of bed but I look forward to my Thursdays at the Tree of Life. I only wish the group was longer because I enjoy it so much and I have made a whole new group of friends, it’s done me the world of good".














Case study about George, age 53, who attends the Senior Lunch Club
















Quotes from the Wellbeing Wall