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Learning to be resilient

Resilience can be learnt; it can apply to you and your work. It required a systematic approach so that your performance can be sustained allowing you to flourish.

Resilience is many things to many people; leap back, jump forward, survive, cope, subborness to name but a few but in the context of your home and work life the important attributes are learning, reflecting and taking the next steps.

Understanding resilience will help you to be authentic, courageous, innovative and face the future.


In response to organisations looking for information on the furloughing scheme. Macc hosted an hour interactive webinar delivered by Sue King and Alacoque Marvin from Wrigleys LLP. The session helped VCSE organisations understand the scheme better and offered the opportunity for to ask specific questions.

Wrigleys LLP are regularly updating their Q&A resource which can be found here

Stress and anxiety: A guide for LGBT people

28 May 2020 - 13:01 by michelle.foster

lgbt foundationAnxiety is one of the most commonly diagnosed mental health problems in the UK with around 5% of the population experiencing it at some point in their lifetime. This figure is significantly higher for people who are LGBTQ.

The LGBT Foundation have written a guide for LGBT people on the possible causes, symptoms and support available for anxiety and stress.

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Letter to support volunteers if challenged

28 May 2020 - 12:51 by michelle.foster

manchester city councilManchester City Council heard that some volunteers are being challenged to prove their identity while carrying out activities on behalf of vulnerable and shielded residents. To support them, organisations can apply for a letter of support from Manchester City Council using this link

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Rising to the Challenge – commissioning with the VCSE sector in extreme times

22 June, 2020 - 13:30 to 15:30

A workshop to support commissioners, from across Greater Manchester (GM), to harness the collective strength of the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector in rising to the challenge of responding to and supporting community recovering from the Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic.

GM Co-production Network

10 June, 2020 - 10:30 to 12:00

This session will ask ‘What is co-production now’ – exploring how co-production can be reimagined under Covid-19. This will be facilitated by Helen Gavaghan, Involvement Co-ordinator for Making Every Adult Matter (MEAM).

The session will be followed by a virtual coffee break to give participants a chance to meet and chat.

For more information and to register click here

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COVID-19 Impact on BAME Community: Challenges and Solutions

18 June, 2020 - 18:00 to 19:00

The impact of COVID-19 has hit every British household. However, statistics have shown that Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) community are more vulnerable to COVID-19 which invariably has wider social economic implications i.e. work, poverty and immigration laws

Not only are BAME community disproportionately impacted by health inequalities, the economic impact is likely to hit them harder too, with rates of poverty in BAME communities being twice that other communities.