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Cash 4 Clubs

27 Apr 2011 - 14:56 by michelle.foster

Sport in the community is about local people, local facilities, local groups and organisations working together to provide opportunities to enjoy sport. Betfair and SportsAid recognise the importance of community sport, so Cash 4 Clubs has been set up to facilitate fundraising for community sports clubs throughout the country.

Cash 4 Clubs offers all sports clubs in the UK the chance to win grants ranging from £250 to £1000. It is a simple scheme aimed at giving community clubs a helping hand and provide the opportunity to raise the money they need to invest in their club.

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Neighbourhood Fund 2011 / 2012

27 Apr 2011 - 14:55 by michelle.foster

This is your chance to make a difference in your community and tackle some of the problems in your area.

£40,000 has been allocated for North and East Manchester and £30,000 has been allocated for South Manchester and Trafford.

Residents groups, community groups, charitable organisations or social enterprises working in the areas where Adactus manage homes can apply.

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The Triangle Trust 1949 Fund

20 Apr 2011 - 10:12 by michelle.foster

The Trust's current areas of interest for support are carers; community arts and education (where no statutory sources of funding); disability; older people (particularly projects which maintain independence); poverty; and integration and rehabilitation.

Successful projects will either maintain an open, inclusive society or promote integration (or reintegration) of individuals or groups into society.

In general, priority is given to:
• smaller charities
• charities which serve a locality or region of the UK, rather than national charities

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A free guide to the how, why and where people participate

20 Apr 2011 - 10:11 by michelle.foster

NCVO have published Participation: Trends, Facts and Figures.

The report takes a thorough look at reasons for engagement with charities, campaigning and political activity and maps current trends in giving both time and money.

Along with giving time and money to charity, it also addresses other participatory activities including timebanking, ethical consumerism, campaigning and protests.

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Technology4Good Awards

20 Apr 2011 - 10:11 by michelle.foster

The Technology4Good Awards celebrate work which enables people to improve their lives through the use of IT.

The following awards are available:
Accessibility Award
BT Contact Us Award
Community Impact Award
Community Voices Award
Fundraising Award
Innovation Award
IT Volunteer of the Year Award
Working Together Award

Entries are open to UK-based charities, businesses, public bodies, individuals, social enterprises, community organisations, although there may be specific requirements in some Awards.

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Feedback from the "Your Manchester" event, Manchester Partnership Community Engagement Strategy 2011-15 and Guide

18 Apr 2011 - 11:54 by michelle.foster

The "Your Manchester" event took place on Wednesday 23 March at Band on the Wall.

To view information from the day, including presentations from guest speakers, feedback from the workshops and evaluation of the event, visit: www.manchester.gov.uk/info/500006/community_engagement/164/community_eng....

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Manchester Partnership Community Engagement Strategy 2011-15 and Guide

The Manchester Partnership Community Engagement Task Group was set up in autumn 2009 to develop a new Community Engagement Strategy for 2011-15. The purpose of the strategy is to ensure Manchester’s residents and communities are able to have a greater say in what happens in their city.

The strategy is primarily for Manchester Partnership staff and is also a resource for voluntary and community groups and residents in Manchester.

New Manchester substance misuse service leaflet

14 Apr 2011 - 12:07 by michelle.foster

The Drug & Alcohol Strategy Team (DAST) has just printed a new A5 leaflet/handbill with information on services for people affected by substance misuse (users and their families/carers) in the City of Manchester.

The leaflet can be found below.

To order copies of the leaflet, email Roger Bysouth, r.bysouth@manchester.gov.uk, with how you plan to use the leaflets, how many you would like and where they should be sent.

DAST expect the information in the leaflet to be valid for at most a year.

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