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Voluntary Sector Assembly - In the long-term who cares? The sequel 15 September 2014

The Care Act 2014 will make one of the biggest changes to the Social Care landscape in 60 years. It sets out a new framework of Local Authority duties that cover social care funding and changes to the regulation of social care providers. We know there is a serious gap between public funding of social care and rising needs. Will it be the solution to the well documented Care Crisis in the UK?

There is agreement across the Voluntary Community Sector (VCS) that the changes will be positive for people who use or need services in the future, ensuring improved control and choice for the individual. The Act also strengthens the rights and recognition of carers in the social care system, including giving carers not only a right to an assessment, but a right to receive services following the assessment. The Sector also welcomes the new key duty for the Local Authorities to commission/provide/promote preventative approaches to independence and wellbeing.

These changes will have a significant impact on the social care market. How the VCS responds to these changes is crucial. We need to act now and understand the changes and the impact on individuals, communities and care providers in the future.

Speakers included:

Martin Routledge: Director of Operations for In-Control
Will the Care Act Drive Personalisation?
Martin talked about the important parts of the Care Act that relate to Personalisation, such as the new Duties around provision of Advocacy, information and advice and preventative services that will shape the market for care and support services. He talked about the implications of the Act (and it’s draft guidance) on people who need services and support and the implications for providers in the Third sector. Click here to view Martin’s presentation
Hazel Summers: Head of Commissioning for Manchester City Council
Local Authority Implementation of the Care Act 2014
Hazel gave the Assembly an overview of the Act and plans for delivering social care in the future and the anticipated financial implications for the Local Authority. She also addressed the importance of the VCS and the Council working together to address the challenges the Act creates and on shaping the future policy and commissioning landscape for the City. Click here to read Hazel’s presentation
Jim Bevis: Acting Director of The Gaddum Centre
Presentation from the Carers Perspective (Carer’s Forum)
Jim gave a presentation on how the Act strengthens the rights and recognition of carers in the social care system. For the first time the Government gives Carers a clear right to receive services, if they have “eligible” needs. Click here to read Jim’s presentation